Grant Amplifiers

Home made HIFI

Grant Amplifiers

Built to match your speakers to perfection

Let yourself rediscover stress-free music listening

I build the amplifiers myself with the best electronic parts I can find. 

The amplifiers for sale are prototypes which are constructed with thick gauge wires point to point with silver solder.

I put all the efforst where most other amplifiers fail short: 
  1. Durability, the circuit is engineered to last and if a tube fail the amplifier is easily repairable. There is no PCB traces which are most often irreversibly damaged. 
  2. Quality of connections. One of the worst culprit for high frequency sound degradation is weak connections. Here all our connections are silver soldered without any little PCB weak pads. Most often there is no channel selector or weak contact volume selector to degrade the sound. This makes a huge difference with our amplifiers.
  3. Circuit quality. The circuit maximize power at normal listening levels as well as transparent transition from class A to class AB without any noticeable change in the sound.
  4. The circuit is engineered with extra chokes, more film capacitors including in the power supply, dedicated ground path and a 3D wiring architecture.
  5. Distortion is the same in both channel as well as volume tracking. This is definitely a lacking point of even great amplifiers which really diminish your listening imaging and can be annoying. 
  6. Tube quality is second to none and each tube is specially tested in the amplifier to pass our low distortion quality controls and selected from the highest quality stocks of N.O.S. or modern new tubes. 
If you are interested to buy one of my amplifiers please send me a short email, I will be glad to help you and answer your questions. 

One thing you will not find in my amplifiers is a round colored sound and difficulty to match certain speakers. 

Gabriel Grant